US Mailing Address Activation

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Activate Your US Mailing Address Now to Start Shopping Online Today!


  1. Please ensure your User Code (it starts with PG) is on all of your packages. This can be done by putting it beside your name or in the space provided for "address 2" when entering your shipping details (only use “address 2” if the website doesn't allow you to put it beside your name.

  2. We ship to Jamaica once a week. The cut off to make the shipment for the week is Wednesday, and it would be here in Jamaica the following week’s Friday ready for pick up.

  3. This address is ideal for all items under 50 Pounds in Weight. Heavier, Bulky Items may be shipped though our Ocean Freight Service. This is done ONLY by request.

  4. ASTRA Agency does charge storage fees, which will be applied at JMD$100/day after holding packages for 7 days after Pickup/Delivery text had been sent.

  5. Your updated shipping address now provides text/WhatsApp notifications upon delivery of your packages to the warehouse in Florida.

  6. Packages will be liquidated after 60 days in storage.